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Camellia sinensis (cam-MEE-lee-ah sin-EN-sis)

Camellia sinensis assamica strain is native to the Assam region in India.


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Part of the Evergreen Family


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Health Advantage

Live Xi Darjeeling and Assam Tea

Additional Information

 According to the Darjeeling  Egiye Bangla web page Tea is grown at an altitude ranging from 600 to 2000 meters above mean sea level and requires a minimum of 50" to 60" of rainfall in a year and for this Darjeeling did not lack. The cool and moist climate , the soil, the rainfall and the slopping terrains all combine to give Darjeeling tea its unique "Muscatel flavour" and "Exquisite Banquet". The combination of natural factors give Darjeeling tea its unique distinction not found anywhere else in the world. Thus, it is the most sought after and highly valued. In the affluent Western and Japanese markets, 80% of the total produce is exported every year. 

Assam tea is grown essentially at sea level and is known for its strong body.  In India when one has masala chai (spicy tea) it is more than likely the bold flavor of  Assam  tea.  Assam tea during Monsoon experiences greenhouse effect which gives  Assam tea its malty bold taste and is perfect for the milk and spices that are added to make it masala chai.

KeeLee is standing in one of the beautiful tea gardens of Darjeeling India.


Chai in Hindi Means Tea

Live Xi Masala Chai

Live Xi Masala Chai contains only the highest quality Assam tea and all natural Indian spices. 

Health benefits of Tea

Black Tea--fights heart disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, and diabetes, anti-inflammatory, reduces plaque, better digestion, strong immune system, stress relief, antioxidants

Green Tea--high in antioxidants, healthy cells, repairs sun damage, reduces LDL cholesterol, boost metabolism, aids in weight loss, reduces anxiety

White Tea--low caffeine, lowers blood pressure, most antioxidants, antibacterial

Oolong Tea--block enzymes that build fat, lowers cholesterol, mental alertness, aids digestion, healthy hair, younger skin, stabilizes blood sugar, prevents tooth decay

Assam Masala Chai Sachet


Hand Made Sachet

Made with fine Indian material


Over 7 Indian Spices

Spices that taste and smell like the Orient


The Best Assam Chai

Only the best Assam Tea --known for its strong bold flavor

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Masala Chai

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 Hello friends and family. I know it is just the beginning of Fall but I want to talk about Christmas! If you want a great gift to give those on your list, we have bags of Masala Chai (spicy tea) that you can purchase. The reason I am talking about Christmas now is because if you want your beautiful gift by Christmas, you must order by October 19. These hand-made tea sachets, filled with real Assam tea and over 7 different Indian spices, will make your house smell like wise men from the East have come to bring you gifts.  Then you will be able to enjoy the same masala chai found in all Indian homes

Message Rhonda or Lonnie for prices and details.

Great Christmas Gift and Stocking Stuffers

Bring the taste and smells of the Orient to your house during Christmas.

Build a Lifetime of Relationships Over Chai

For centuries friends and family have enjoyed cups of chai with the ones they love.  Keep that tradition alive with the best Masala Chai you can buy.